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With sharec you can share and manage configuration across projects, keep your code up to date and prepare new ones in one command.

Potential use-cases

  • Versionable configuration packages
  • Boilerplates and project starters (like create-react-app)

Supported configs

At this moment, sharec supports:

  • npmignore
  • eslint
  • eslintignore
  • babel
  • yaspeller
  • browserslist
  • postcss
  • gitignore
  • husky
  • jest (only as package.json member)
  • lint-staged
  • stylelint
  • commitlint
  • prettier

Other .json or .yaml files will be merged by keys.

Files with different extension will be just copied.

.gitignore and .npmignore

If you want to include these files, you should name them without dot - gitignore, npmignore. It's necessary because originally named files won't be readed during installation.